Spring Salad with Orange Rosemary Vinaigrette

A couple of weeks ago, I made a little trek from Lubbock to Dallas in order to see the musical “Kinky Boots” with a few BFF’s. If you have not seen this musical, see it. Cyndi Lauper wrote all the music and lyrics and basically we’re Best Friends Five-Ever. And that’s more than forever.

Before the musical, we all met at this pizza pub for dinner and a few adult beverages. Ignore the fact that this bar made my whiskey old-fashioned cocktail with Fireball Whiskey. The vinaigrette served with the salad atoned for this egregious sin.

You read that correctly. This vinaigrette was so good, we passed it around the table to try and pick out specific flavors. It was so good, I have tried to recreate it twice. Mind you, with no help from this restaurant’s less than friendly staff.

*dusts haters off shoulders*

Anyway, after trial, error, and a few tasting note references, I have named this dressing “Orange Rosemary Vinaigrette.” It is super easy and goes great with a Spring Goddess Salad.

Also, just because the name is "feminine" does not mean you have to wear body glitter to eat it. However, it also does not mean you can’t wear body glitter while eating it.Spring Salad with Orange Rosemary Vinaigrette

Spring Salad with Orange Rosemary Vinaigrette

Arugula/Baby Spinach Lettuce Mix

1 Large Tomato

½ Red Onion

½ Cup Walnuts

½ Green Apple

Feta Cheese


1 Tbsp. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

½ Navel Orange, juiced

Salt & Pepper, to taste

¼ Teaspoon Ground Coriander

½ Teaspoon Orange Zest

1 Spring Rosemary, minced

2 Tbsp. Balsamic Vinegar

In a small saucepan, combine all the ingredients for the vinaigrette (besides the balsamic vinegar). Stir regularly and bring to a very low simmer, so the rosemary does not burn. Allow the mixture to simmer for about 10 minutes covered, and let cool until ready to use. When you’re ready to add it to the salad, add the balsamic vinegar and mix well. Make sure to stick your face in the pan real quick so that you can smell how delicious it is going to taste.

Chop up the veggies and fruit into bite-size pieces. Make sure they’re a size that will make you feel dainty when you eat them. If you’re eating a salad with huge pieces, you don’t very well look like a goddess now, do you?

Toss the lettuce with the vinaigrette and top the salad with your chosen fruit and veggie sacrifices.

This is perfect for a BBQ or really just sitting in front of the TV in fat pants.

Spinach & Kale Greek Yogurt Dip

I feel like everyone has their own “It’s not Christmas unless I have this one thing…and this…and this….and this” list. To say that my list is better than yours probably does not need to be said but I mean, I am here so I’m going to do the best job I can to educate and enlighten you. Like a skinnier, prettier Buddha. Or a male version of Mother Theresa. With better hair. Duh.

My family ALWAYS made spinach dip. And for some reason, my mom made the best. It’s not a secret. People knew and they talked about it. The envy was so real. But truth be told, there was ZERO “special” ingredient or technique. I know. I watched. And sometimes, I made it. People couldn’t tell the difference. It was still delicious.

However, this year I decided to do what I do best and jazz. I jazzed it up. Honestly, I didn’t know how this would turn out. But, the “licked-clean” bowl from an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party stood as somewhat of a testament, I guess.

So, here we are. Blogging. About spinach and kale.

Spinach & Kale Greek Yogurt Dip

Spinach & Kale Greek Yogurt Dip

16 oz. Plain Greek Yogurt

1 Large Bag Spinach/Kale

Knorr’s Vegetable Dip Mix

2 Tablespoons Mayo

Green Onions, diced

In whatever way you prefer, steam the bag of spinach and kale. I have a double-boiler type device that is really quite nifty for these types of things. But, you probably have something fancier that makes you feel like Duchess Kate.

Mix the mayo and Greek yogurt together in a medium-sized bowl. I usually keep the mayo to a minimum because only racists like mayo. Jk. But really.

Mix in the Knorr’s Vegetable packet and green onions. I love green onions so, I typically use about a handful or more. But if you’re dumb or whatever, you can use less.

When the spinach and kale are so steamed they scream for your loving caress, mix in completely.

Honestly, this is so good and simple but so delicious. It is so perfect if you can let it chill in the fridge overnight before serving. The flavors cohabitate and just get oh so delightful. If not, an hour or so works just fine too.

I hope you try this and have the best Christmas week ever!


Chicken & Dumplings Florentine

Remember how I hate Chicken and Dumplings? Well, I do. I do not remember ever liking them. It’s a real thing. However, I really love me. So, when someone asks me to make Chicken and Dumplings, I am going to make it in a way that I know I will like.

It’s just more convenient that way. Everyone ends up happy. I know what people need.

And seriously, it’s the polar vortex. Or, snowpocalypse, if you prefer. And I do.

And, whenever it is the snowpocalypse, you just need soup. So, don’t object. Try this recipe and warm your soul.

Chicken and Dumplings Florentine

2 Chicken Breasts

Salt & Pepper

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 Bay Leaf


Garlic Powder

2 Carrots, diced

2 Celery Stalks, diced

½ White or Yellow Onion, diced

2 Garlic Cloves, minced

¼ Cup Flour

Chicken Broth

Italian Parsley

Fresh Spinach

Start by boiling the chicken along with the bay leaf, salt, pepper, garlic and oregano. This gives it a tremendous flavor. Especially when boiling chicken without bones, this makes for a really good broth. When the chicken is cooked through, chop it into bite-sized pieces and set aside.

Sauté the vegetables with the minced garlic and about 2 tablespoons Olive Oil until tender and translucent. Stir in the flour and allow it to thoroughly cook out. If not, your soup will be chalky and gross and you will be a failure. No one wants that.

After the flour is mixed in and cooked, gradually stir in the chicken broth. I personally like to gather as much of the left over seasoning on the side of the pot as possible but remove the bay leaf. Because, obviously. Stir well until you have your desired consistency. If you like it to be a little less thick, you can add a little water as well. Add the chicken and bring to a boil. Allow the soup to boil lightly for about 5-10 minutes while stirring every once in a while. If you like the dumplings cooked into the soup, use this recipe and add them in uncooked dollops at this point. If not, bake them in the oven like I did and pour your soup over them when you're ready to eat. It’s basically perfection.

Once the soup has been boiling for a bit, turn down to a simmer.

About 5 minutes before you are ready to eat, stir in a handful of fresh spinach and a bit of chopped Italian parsley. I like both a lot, so...you do you.

This recipe is delicious and I hope you like it!

(Breakfast) Pizza Lorraine

If I had to list one major thing that might be wrong with me, I might just list the fact that I get REAL excited by pizza. And you may think, “I do that too!” No. You don’t. I could/actually eat pizza multiple times a week. I literally don’t think there has ever been a time someone has said, “Hey Remington, let’s get pizza” that my response was anything similar to, “No thanks, I had pizza in the last year of my life.” It’s real. It’s deep. It’s true.

But, you probably haven’t guessed that judging by the 3 separate pizza recipes already in existence on this magical place of a blog.

And you know what? It’s not wrong. I formally declare that this part of me is right and beautiful.

Your judgment is wasted here.

I’ve seen so many breakfast pizza recipes floating around the interwebs and from my already strong, passionate love for any type of pizza, I’ve been wanting to try this for a while.

Also, there’s a grocery store in Lubbock that makes breakfast pizza and is kind of known for it. Let me tell you, I’m not even sorry for how much better mine is. Not even a teensy bit. It's laughable how not sorry I am.

I feel like they owe me an apology and a job offer. And wine.

No big deal.

So, anyways. Try this. Use my homemade pizza dough recipe. Your whole family will love you so much for it, they’ll want to lick your toes in gratitude. But don't let them. You'll go to jail without an original Netflix series option.

Breakfast Pizza Lorraine
Breakfast Pizza Lorraine

(Breakfast) Pizza Lorraine

Pizza Dough

Fresh Goat Cheese

½ lb. Cooked Turkey, sliced into strips

Cherry Tomatoes, sliced

Spinach & Arugula

4 Eggs

Olive Oil

Salt & Pepper, to taste

(See how fancy it sounds when you name things Lorraine???)

If you’re using my dough recipe because you finally decided to stop being lazy and make it, roll it out into a large rectangle and bake it at 450 for about 8 minutes. Once it is done and begins to bubble just a little, flip it over. Since we aren’t grilling it, this helps to cook faster and get a bit more crispy crust.

If you have a pizza stone, great. Use that. It’s awesome for this.

Using a skillet, add a little olive oil and the turkey and cook over medium heat to toast it just a little bit. For ease and timing, I used sandwich meat. It tasted great and worked perfect for this.

Once it gets just a little crispy on the edges, take it out of the skillet and put it to the side. Add the arugula, spinach and tomatoes to the pan and do the same thing for about 5 minutes. Wilt the lettuce down and toast the tomatoes just a bit.

Pizza Lorraine

Using your fresh goat cheese, soften it in the microwave for about 30 seconds. It’s already pretty soft but you want it to be spreadable. So, zap it and then stir until it’s about the consistency of really soft cream cheese and spread it all over your pizza dough as the sauce.

That's right ladies. We're using goat cheese as the sauce.

Disperse all of your toppings evenly over the pizza and then crack your eggs on top. Be careful to position them so the whites won’t run over the edges.

Return the pizza to the oven for about 8-12 minutes. This seems like a big timing difference but, it just really depends on how runny you like your eggs. If you like a little run, go for 8 minutes or less. If you like them thoroughly cooked, go for the 12. Honestly, I thoroughly cooked mine and it was amazing.

At first, I was a little hesitant about baked eggs on my pizza. No more. This is by far, the most amazing breakfast pizza I’ve ever made/had. And it definitely is the best I’ve ever made. #firstever

Try it and like it!

Spinach Posole Scrambled Eggs

On Saturday mornings (or afternoons), mostly you need eggs. And sometimes, bacon.


It makes sense. If anyone says it doesn't, they are definitely communist.

I got this idea from my very Puerto Rican friend, Jackie. She's one of my lovely lesbians. When she cooks, I pay attention. If she suggests something, I do it.


I love hominy but I've never had them in eggs before her. It's my new favorite thing. Ever. #obsessed.

Spinach Posole Eggs

Spinach Posole Scrambled Eggs

Organic Coconut Oil

Mushrooms, quartered

Dried Rosemary

Handful of Spinach

2 Tablespoons Jarred Salsa

3 Large Eggs

Shredded Swiss Cheese

Splash of Milk

Cracked Pepper

1 Can White Hominy, drained

Start by warming some coconut oil in a skillet over medium-low heat with the mushrooms, rosemary, and spinach. If you like, you can cover it for a few minutes, making sure the veggies cook evenly but don't burn.

While that is going, whisk together the salsa, eggs, cheese and cracked pepper. Splash a little milk or water in, this will make sure the eggs are light and fluffy.

Spread your veggies pretty evenly in the pan and pour in your hominy and then your eggs. Turn up the heat to about medium/medium-high and let the party get going. As the eggs begin to cook, take a spatula and flip them over in sections. This makes the eggs really fluffy and hearty. I personally love it this way. Or you can always whisk it around to get a "looser" texture of eggs.