Rosemary & Cranberry Moscow Mule

You know what really sucks a toe? Going back to work after a lovely Christmas. That’s what really sucks a big, stinky toe. Especially when your Christmas holiday was filled with joy, calories, giggles, and lovely cocktails. Heavy emphasis on the latter.

I don’t know about you but, I know that I’m probably the only active Christmas participant who looks forward to trying/crafting new recipes for special occasions. Especially around the holidays as it is always my personal goal to have someone say, “WOW REMINGTON YOU REALLY IMPRESSED MY TASTEBUDS WITH YOUR MAGIC CULINARY SKILLZ N THINGZ.”

Related: I’m currently reading a book that talks about our “metrics” by which we judge our happiness…well, that’s mine. Count it all joy….when people think you’re awesome.

Not that I don’t get these types of compliments CONSTANTLY, because I don’t, but this recipe did receive a similar accolade. Probably without the caps-lock, though.  Think more along the lines of, “slight nod of the head and smirk of approval.”


Rosemary & Cranberry Moscow Mule

1 Sprig Fresh Rosemary

½ Ounce Cranberry Juice (not cranberry cocktail)

1 Ounce Tito's Vodka

Ginger Beer, to taste

Cranberries for Garnish, optional

In the bottom of your copper cup or rocks glass, muddle the rosemary and vodka rigorously. Don’t go "Hulk-Smash" on it, but go hard enough to break the rosemary leaves so the flavor gets nice and released.

Add cranberry juice and adjust the ratio to your liking but, whatever you do, do not use cranberry cocktail. That stuff is science juice and will give you cancer. Probably not but, I’m not convinced otherwise.

Top with Ginger Beer, ice and a few Cranberries for garnish and enjoy!

This is a PERFECT themed-drink for the holidays but also, year round. So get at ‘em, lay-deez!