"Street Vendor" Golden Chicken Skewers

So a couple weeks ago, I was just a teensy bit sick. Not a whole lot of sick, but a teensy bit. But then it didn’t get better. It got worse.

Don’t panic, this story has a happy ending.

So, I did a little research back to some articles I read a few months ago about natural healing with spices and all that hippy-dippy junk. One article suggested a mixture of honey and coconut oil with cinnamon, turmeric, and ginger. When I actually made it, I prepared myself to do the "gag and spit thing" like a small child eating something gross. However, to my delightful surprise, it was delicious.

My mind pretty much immediately started brainstorming ways I could eat this with real food and thus, this recipe was birthed. And actually, a little part of me felt super nostalgic, like I was in India or Thailand, eating the best food ever from a super non-health-code-compliant street vender. It was no big deal. I’m still alive.

Anyways, try this recipe for a delicious, switch-up from your normal meal routine. And then tell me how amazing it is and how your life has been changed.

Ps. Remember how I was sick at the beginning of this story? I got better. Just in case you were worried.

“Street-Vendor” Golden Chicken Skewers

2 Tablespoons Natural Honey

2 Tablespoons Coconut Oil, plus more if needed

1 Teaspoon Turmeric

1 Teaspoon Cinnamon

1 Teaspoon Powdered Ginger

Salt & Pepper, to taste

1-2 Large Chicken Breasts

Start by trimming the chicken breast of any fat or icky stuff that looks unappetizing and cut them into long strips of about 1 by 1 inch around. If that confuses you, blame me for all your life-issues and maybe try to figure it out by looking at the picture. IDK boo.

Fix them all up on wooden or bamboo skewers and start to work on your marinade/rub/whatever.

In a small bowl, combine honey and coconut oil and mix until it’s smooth and completely incorporated. If the coconut oil is solid, zap it in the microwave for just a second so that it liquefies. Add the seasonings and plenty of salt & pepper. It’s totally you’re call and I love turmeric but, each time I cook with it, I feel like it needs lots of salt. But this is your masterpiece, Picasso.

Stir the marinade/rub until it’s super smooth and then rub the little chicky skewers all over with it. Basically, pretend your life depends on it because basically it does.

At this point, you can let it soak in the fridge for a bit or go ahead and grill. Either way, your chicken is down to party.

You’re welcome, gang. Share with all your friends.