Bacon-Sage Burgers

This is not a first-time recipe.

Let that sink in.

You know why that is of utmost importance? Because this recipe is tried and true. And it is as delicious as having your office phone forwarded to someone else on a Monday morning.

Monday’s are the worst.

However, I love bacon on a burger. But you know what’s even better than that? I’ll tell you: Bacon IN a burger. This recipe combines literally everything you could ever wish for in a southern-style burger, with a little twist of elegance. If fresh mozzarella counts as elegance. And it does.  

I hope you try it and spread the truth among all the nations.


Bacon-Sage Burger

4 Large Strips Cured Bacon

1 Pound Lean Ground Beef

½-1 Tablespoon Rubbed Sage

Salt & Pepper, to taste


1 Red Bell Pepper, roasted & sliced

1 Avocado

Fresh Mozzarella

Chop the bacon into small chunks/strips and mix into the ground beef along with salt, pepper, and sage. Usually, I avoid this at all costs but: use your hands. Raw meat can be icky but, using a mixer or something of that nature, will “over-work” the beef and the texture will be much less luxurious. And no one wants a non-luxurious burger.

Mmmmkay?! *z-snap*

Form the meat into patties and give them each a pretty strong “thumbprint” right in the middle. For years, I have heard this helps to make a more “level” patty and I can now tell you, this is true. This is a real, true rumor. So, do it. And do it with gusto.

Using your chosen cooking method of grilling, grill them until they reach the preferable meat temperature to turn your dreams into realities.

Whilst the cooking is happening, you can roast a red pepper until it gets lightly charred on all sides. Also, you can mash an avocado with a little squeeze of lime.

I’m not saying you have to do these things, but I am saying this will be the best burger ever if you do-do these things. Ha. Do-do.

A few minutes before the burgers are done cooking, lay some fresh mozzarella slices on the patties to melt slightly. Avoid keeling over from pure excitement because that is a real threat here.

When you're ready to gorge, top each burger with sliced red pepper and a little mashed avocado and prepare yourself for a truly delicious experience.

Don’t be surprised when this is the best burger ever prepared at your own housing establishment.