Lime Vodka Press

It is really no secret how much I love a good refreshment. Especially during the summer, when my pits are all….normal and not weird or unattractive. Cause anything different would be weird, right?

Well, this is a newer beverage I’ve discovered recently (thanks to such caring friends) and I’ve really just decided that the world needs to know about it.

Vodka Press is delicious and does not take any fancy prep work or large biceps. Thank the lawd.

Lime Vodka Press

1 oz. Vodka


Soda Water

½ Lime

This is almost too simple to type. Like, seriously. Like, even if you’re sporting a “messy top-knot” because of how basic you are….you’re still gonna figure this out.

Give a lime wedge a good, healthy squeeze into your favorite pint glass. Add the vodka, fill a little more than half way with soda water and then top with Sprite and ice. Give it a good stirring and make a bee-line to your back porch.

See what I mean? This takes about .3 seconds to get to Delicious Town. Plus, it works with ANY flavor of Vodka. Why? Because it's the best.

You’re welcome!