Watermelon and Sage Lemonade

So, Lubbock does this really adorable thing where they let kids have their own little lemonade stand on a specific day called, “Lemonade Day.”

It’s pretty adorable.

Kids go and apply for a “small business loan” of $50.00 and proceed to make their lemonade stand, in an effort to teach them business smarts/financial responsibility.

Well, I just really think that I should be allowed to participate because I would plunder those little miscreants with this recipe.

Unless they’re your kids. In which case, they’re beautiful angels of the Lord.


Watermelon and Sage Lemonade

1 Small Watermelon

2 Cups Sugar

12 Lemons, approximately

1 Tablespoon Fresh Sage

Strawberry Garnish, optional

In a large sauce pan, combine sugar with freshly squeezed lemon juice and begin to simmer. It is important that you use freshly squeezed juice because this is not a Minute-Maid factory. Our goal is awesome not artificial, y’all.

Whenever you get tired, focus on the bright side, more than likely your forearms will look KILLER after this.

Hull out all the delicious fruit from the watermelon. Avoid the white part because, duh.

Toss the fruit into a 1 gallon jug and pour the lemon and (hopefully) dissolved sugar over the watermelon. If you need to add a little water to the sauce pan, do it. You want to make this easy on yourself. Fill the jug with water, stir and chill in the fridge.

When you’re about 1 hour from your designated lemonade-drinking time, get your sage ready. Rinse thoroughly and using the dull side of a knife, run over each leaf several times. Doing this breaks the “skin” of the leaf so the oils are free to roam and flavor without completely overpowering your recipe.


**PS. This may or may not be delicious with a little, tiny shot of any liquor of your preference. IDK.