Grilled Romaine Heart Salad

Gang, it is no secret that I love salad. It is also no secret that I should be much skinnier for how much I love salad.

But we don’t really have to talk about that. #wine

This idea has been in a notepad on my iPhone for a long time. I’ve seen lots of spin-offs and versions of it and they are all just great looking. Maybe, probably not as great looking as mine but like, I seriously applaud people for trying.

Totes JK.

But, you should definitely try this for yourself and find your favorite version.

I’m just here to be your spirit guide.


*arms extend in a "welcoming" fashion*

Grilled Romaine Hearts

Grilled Romaine Hearts

2 Romaine Hearts, rinsed

1 Lemon

Extra Virgin Olive-Oil

1 Tomato

1 Bell Pepper

½ Purple Onion

The name of this recipe is not nearly as “vampire-oriented” as it sounds. In fact, if you don’t add any cheese, it’s vegetarian AND vegan. Now, doesn’t that make you feel like a hipster?!?!

After rinsing and drying (for the most part) the romaine, cut them in half. Make sure to keep the “stalk” part together because it keeps all the lettuce attached. It’s kind of like the nucleus of the cell. What up, 7th Grade Biology.

Coat them in Olive Oil, to give it a little richness of flavor. If you prefer a little more ghetto, simple approach because your kids are screaming in the background and you have about 30 seconds of sanity left, cooking spray works as well. Depending on the grill you are using, grill each side of the Romaine for about 1 minute, or until it gets a lightly charred look. Don’t be surprised by how beautiful they look. See Below.

Grilled Romaine

Once they cook, you can then grill your veggies lightly. Or not. Whatever you feel is truthful and desirable for your life.

Squeeze fresh lemon juice all over the romaine hearts and give them one more tiny drizzle of EVOO. OR, just use your favorite salad dressing. I like using the Oil+Lemon because it’s so easy and tastes so fresh and light. You do you, boo-boo.

Top with your veggies and a little cheese (if you wish), and serve!

As every redneck everywhere would say, Bone Appetite!