Too Easy Margaritas

To say this is a bad idea, would be preposterous. To say that everyone in the world loves margaritas, would also be preposterous.

To say that making the perfect margarita at home is a challenge for the average person, would not be preposterous.

I feel strongly that we have all experienced this incredibly difficult struggle. April or May comes around and you find yourself on patios far more frequently than the previous months. You’re surrounded by tiny, precious flowers and the shades you’re wearing are impeccably on trend. What’s missing? Say it with me: Tequila.

If you’re looking for a fool-proof margarita recipe, STOP RIGHT NOW. You need not look any further, my little lamb.Too Easy Margaritas

Too Easy Margarita

6 Pack Corona Lite

1 Can Minute-Maid Limeade Concentrate

1 12 oz. Can of Sprite

6 oz. Gold Tequila

Sliced Citrus Fruit, for garnish

In my experience, the Minute-Maid brand works best for this recipe. Don’t ask me why. I’m all about store brand items. If a product is one penny cheaper, I’m on board. However, this is my exception. Follow your heart.

Using a large pitcher or jug, combine the Limeade and Tequila and give it a good, strong stir. Pour the beer (You can use whatever you like, I like Lite beer so I don't feel guilty about myself) and Sprite over the mixture and add whatever citrus you have/like. When I most recently made this, I had mango, pineapple, lime and lemon on hand. Never wanting to be bored with my beverages, this combo was delicious and mildly invigorating.

Give the Margaritas a light stir and Drink responsibly, my little love pigeons.