Irish Iced Coffee

First of all, I would like to apologize for making you wait this long for this recipe. Secondly, I would like to suggest you try this recipe (not on your way to work) and try to suppress all the feelings of loss you experience from having lived so many years without this recipe.

Thirdly, as atonement, I’m posting this on a Tuesday so hopefully this gives you plenty of time to gather ingredients for you to enjoy this on a weekend. Unless you like coffee at dinner which, in that case I do not judge you: I applaud you. Iced Irish Coffee

Irish Iced Coffee

1 oz. Michael’s Irish Cream

1 oz. Kahlua Coffee Liqueur

Strong Black Coffee, Chilled or Room Temperature

Crushed Ice

Fill a pint glass about three-fourths full with crushed ice. In a separate mixing glass, add Kahlua and Michael’s, swirling around until they’re well combined and then pouring over the ice.

I prefer Michael’s Irish Cream to Bailey’s Irish Cream because it tastes more authentic and costs less. However, you do you, boo.

Top off with coffee, to taste. If you have ventured into “cold-brewing” coffee, this recipe works magically with that technique. If not, do some research and fix your life.

At this point, the coffee will look beautiful and oh-so seductive. Resist the temptation to pour it all over yourself in a joyous “rain dance” and enjoy.