Fruity Vodka Chilton

If you are from Lubbock or have ever received mail in Lubbock, chances are you’re about to do one of two things. Either you’re about to, 1. Roll the ever-loving-mess out of your eyes or, 2. You’re about to get seriously thirsty. If you have never lived in Lubbock and are not fully confident that “Lubbock” is even a word holding a real place in the English language, it is probable that you will also two options in the next few sentences. 1. You may just keep scrolling through this post and laugh with your friends about how lacking-in-refined taste this “blogger” is as you sip your Earl Grey from a handmade, imported teacup and saucer or, 2. You may possibly also get just a little tiny bit thirsty.

I’m not exactly sure of the true origin of this beverage. However, I do know that it started somewhere here in Lubbock. And let me tell you, I did not start out loving it. It has only been in the last few years that I have truly recognized the refreshing quality of this delicious beverage.

Vodka Chilton
Vodka Chilton

If you have never tried one, do it. This is your chance. Carpe de Drink.

Vodka Chilton



2 Large Lemons

1 oz. Vodka

Soda Water

Toss sliced strawberries and blackberries (or literally whatever fruit you have/is on sale) with juice from one lemon and freeze them. This requires just a teensy bit of forethought. But, you know it is worth it.

Stop lying to yourself.

Fill a pint glass with crushed ice and juice a whole lemon completely. I mean, really. Think about all those frustrating people you deal with on the daily and pretend they are little, yellow, round, and just as acidic as they actually are.

Add the lemon juice, top with soda and some of the frozen fruit. Pour the chilton back and forth between another mixing glass and enjoy the most refreshing beverage of your life.