Spiced Sweet Potato Chips

You know, everyone goes through that time of their life when they just really want to be skinny. And you know what? That’s not wrong. Usually, however, that feeling is quickly sandwiched by a desire to be smothered in fried food, nacho cheese, and chocolate. Why? Because, everyone also goes through a time of their life when they just really want to be FAT. I mean, sometimes it’s not a super serious/literal desire to be fat. And that’s really okay too. Like, deep inside yourself, you want to eat like you’re a TLC special…I get that. Fried chicken is a “thing” for a reason.

Reader, if you find yourself in either of these life-situations, I hear you. I hear your cries and I am here for you. Because I care.

But I tell you this, if you find yourself in between these difficult life-stages…the struggle could not be more real. That is why we find little food lies we tell our stomachs. Like these chips. I hope you enjoy. Spiced Sweet Potato Chips

Spiced Sweet Potato Chips

2 Peeled Sweet Potatoes

Vegetable Oil

¼ Cup Light Brown Sugar

Freshly Ground Salt & Pepper

¼ Teaspoon Ground Nutmeg

Cayenne Pepper, to taste

Using a vegetable slicer or peeler, slice the potatoes into thin slices. Whilst murdering your vegetable, heat the oil to about medium-high heat. When you think it is ready, run your hand in water and let a few drops fall into the oil. If the oil is hot and ready to fry, the water will bubble and sizzle. But don’t start any grease fires. It’s bad for your hair.

Work the chips into the oil in small batches, making sure they do not stick to one another. Cook each side for about 3 minutes, or until brown. When you’re ready to take them out, transfer them to a cookie sheet lined with paper towels and dust with the spice mixture. Work quickly, because the hot oil will make the spices stick. 

Once you have lightly fried all the slices of heaven, place your cookie sheet of deliciousness into the oven at 350 for about 15 minutes. The heat will add some extra crispy-ness and remove any extra oil.

You’re welcome!