Tropical Sorbet & Prosecco Cocktail

I’m not going to tell you that you need to jazz up your bubbly. Why? Because it’s bubbly and everyone loves a little bubbly. "Hook" wouldn’t be the classic cinematic masterpiece that it is without bubbly. I think we can all agree upon that.

However, sometimes you would like to spruce up your bubbly just a tiddly bit. And you know what? That’s not wrong. Don’t let haters tell you it is.

Tropical Sorbet & Prosecco Cocktail

Tropical Sorbet & Prosecco Cocktail

1 Large Scoop Raspberry Sorbet


Coconut Vodka, to taste

If you’re hosting some kind of fancy dinner party or back yard bbq, this is GREAT for everyone who doesn’t chug Bud Light for fun.

In a wine glass or mason jar (whatever makes you feel like Cinderella whilst dancing with the Prince), start with a large scoop of raspberry sorbet. Top with as much Prosecco as you can, without fizzing over.

If you choose to add a little vodka, I usually add about ½ of a shot glass. You do you. Alcohol is a no-judgment zone.

Top with Prosecco and give it a light stir.

You are so welcome for this easy, tasty cocktail! Enjoy, my friends!