Fruit-Infused Detox Water

I’m going to be honest with you. I got this idea from two different places. One: Instagram. This person I follow, had this water that looked delicious. Trying to always drink water, I said to myself, “Self, you should try this.”

Two: A cleanse program I researched a while back suggested to drink hot lemon water with fresh ginger in place of coffee every morning. The lemon and ginger “jump start” your day in a way that cannot be explained, only experienced.

However, in my honesty, I suggest you try this for yourself. I know for a fact that it works and the health benefits are just crazy good. Any more information/personal experience should not be requested.

Make this the night before and drink a glass on the way to work. Or, slightly muddle the ingredients, add water and drink right away. Live your truth.


Detox Water

½ Cucumber

½ Lemon

6-8 Strawberries

1 Cup Blueberries

1 inch Fresh Ginger Root, approximately

Thinly slice the cucumber, lemon, and strawberries. If you have a super cool best friend who bought you a mandolin slicer for Christmas, use it. But don't slice your finger off. Because that would put a damper on your detox water. Unless you're really trying to lose weight. Then depending on how much you sliced off, you'd definitely lose some weight.

Using a cheese grater, finely grate the ginger root. I tried this once with a mandolin slicer and it was delicious. However, I like a strong ginger taste and found that using a cheese grater worked better for that purpose. image

Add all the ingredients to a gallon pitcher and fill that sucker with water. Chill in a fridge overnight and enjoy the next day!

I love all of these flavors, but the ginger especially wakes me up in the morning. That says a lot for me since I am certifiably addicted to caffeine.