Whiskey & Bacon Roasted Ham

I have this thing that whenever someone tells me how awesome something is, I immediately want to try it. While/After changing it up a bit. It’s not a big deal. Don’t act surprised. My BFF Stacy told me she had a ham like this and I just knew that it was meant for me. So, life was made.

Whiskey & Bacon Roasted Ham

Whiskey and Bacon Roasted Ham

8-10 Bacon Strips

¾ Cup Whiskey or Bourbon

¼ Cup Water

Brown Sugar

Spicy Brown Mustard

Spiraled Ham

Start by placing the ham in a roasting pan and covering completely with the mustard. It’s delicious. Even if you loathe mustard. Promise.

Then, cake on brown sugar. THEN, apply the bacon, as seen in the above photo.

If you need, use a few toothpicks to keep the bacon in place.

Pour the whiskey and water in the pan, seal tightly with a roasting lid or foil and roast according to the directions on the ham packaging. The general rule of thumb is 15 minutes per pound. So, do that unless you’re a rebel with a craving for food poisoning and a tummy ache.

As you’re roasting, prepare yourself for the best ham experience of your life.

When you’re done cleaning the bone with your teeth like the caveman that you are, save that bone! Make beans with it. It’s the bomb.

You’re welcome!