Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash

Sometimes, I like to pretend I’m on the Food Network show Chopped with Ted Allen telling me how pretty and accomplished I am. Also, I sometimes buy groceries for a very specific recipe. So, sometimes my kitchen pantry actually looks like a basket that is featured on Chopped. Sometimes. Sometimes this is a really fun opportunity to be super creative and come up with a soon to be “classic” family dish. Sometimes, this is disastrous and makes me wish that I was not such a stereotypical Jew in the grocery store.


Thankfully, this recipe is one of the “first” sometimes. But, wouldn’t it suck if I was like, “Hey guys, look over here at this horrid recipe that I made. Aren’t I just like Giada but with a gut and more feminine ears?”


Apparently, that’s frowned upon in the culinary world. Silly.

So, the next time you find yourself being super classy and having breakfast for dinner two nights in a row because United Supermarkets had 18 packs of eggs on sell, 2 for $5….maybe give this recipe a go.

Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash
Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash

Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash

2 Tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 Large Sweet Potato, diced

½ Purple Onion, diced

Chili Powder

Garlic Powder

1 Tablespoon Brown Sugar

Salt & Pepper, to taste

4-6 Large Eggs

Sriracha Sauce, to taste

3-6 Tablespoons Water

Sauté the potato over medium heat for about 5 minutes with the Olive Oil. Once it starts to get a little crispy and cooked on the outside, toss in the onion. Potatoes take a little longer to cook than onions so, kinda gauge it so that your onion doesn’t burn. Despite what you may think, there are actually people out there that like onions. There are, however, a very slim few that like burnt onions.  

Whisk the eggs with a little water and some Sriracha, if you have it. If you don’t, it’s like 2.50 at Walmart and you need it for your life. Consider it an investment.

Before you throw in the eggs, toss in the seasonings and stir it really well throughout the potatoes and onions. You definitely don’t want the sugar to caramelize or burn cuz, ew.

Toss in the eggs and scramble!

This was really what I had for two dinners this week. I may have everyone fooled into thinking I’m super ritzy and classy (loudly burps for all to hear), but I am not above a good ole’ fashion brinner (breakfast for dinner). Especially one like this, high in protein, fiber and low in carbs!

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