The Best Tortilla Roll-Ups You've Ever Had in Your Life Ever

There comes a time in every living being’s life where you are overwhelmed with an incredibly powerful need. For cream cheese.

It’s spiritual and real. It’s deep and there is nothing you can do to change that. That’s why vegans are so unhappy. Cream cheese.

If you’re from the south, you’ve probably had it at least once in the past 24 hours. If you’re not from the south, I’m sorry. I think. I don’t know your life.

Warning: this recipe is not fancy or healthy. It is just damn delicious.

Tortilla Roll-Ups

The Best Tortilla Roll-ups You’ve Ever Had in Your Life Ever

2 Packages Low Fat Cream Cheese (So you won’t feel as bad when you eat 12)

1 Package Hidden Valley Ranch Mix

1 Small Can Diced Black Olives

1 Cup Chopped Green Onions

1 Cup Shredding Sharp Cheddar Cheese

Package of Burrito-Sized Tortillas, or as I like to call them Remington-Sized

Let the cream cheese soften first, it will make it easier to spread.

Whip all your ingredients together. I never ever measure the green onions or cheese. I make it a challenge to get as much as I can in there. It makes it fun.

Spread the cream cheese mixture over the tortillas. Depending on how much goodness you want in each one, you can usually get about 4-5 rolls out of this. If you’re Jewish, you’ll probably get 6-8. Just kidding. That’s mean. I formally take it back.

Wrap each one in saran wrap and let them chillax in the fridge overnight. I want it to be known that “chillax” was not autocorrected by Microsoft Word or this blogging website. Ladies and gentlemen, it is 2014.

If you don’t have “overnight” to work with, just let them chill for about an hour. This makes it incredi-easy to slice.

Slice and serve them and tell all your guests/eaters that I am a heavy-weight cooking champion. Actually, let's go with a skinny and fit cooking champion. Feel free to add pretty in there too.