Summer Beer Cocktail

Sometimes, there’s this thing in life where it’s only Tuesday. It sometimes makes us feel like this:


And you know, that is a sad thing.

But, self-medicating is not a sad thing. That’s called being proactive. And having this delightful little beverage during the summer (or any time) is just placing you one step closer to pure, unadulterated happiness. In fact, having a pitcher of this in my fridge at this exact moment is making my job a lot more happy today.

Not that I'm drinking at work. Or thinking about it. Nope.

Summer Beer Cocktail
Summer Beer Cocktail

Summer Beer

6 Pack Light Beer

12 oz. Frozen Pink Lemonade Concentrate

12 oz. Vodka

This recipe is super complicated.

First, open the beer.

Second, pour the beer in a pitcher.

Third, add the pink lemonade.

Fourth, add the vodka.

Fifth, stir.

Sixth, drink.

Aren’t you tired?

Typing this is exhausting.