Spinach Posole Scrambled Eggs

On Saturday mornings (or afternoons), mostly you need eggs. And sometimes, bacon.


It makes sense. If anyone says it doesn't, they are definitely communist.

I got this idea from my very Puerto Rican friend, Jackie. She's one of my lovely lesbians. When she cooks, I pay attention. If she suggests something, I do it.


I love hominy but I've never had them in eggs before her. It's my new favorite thing. Ever. #obsessed.

Spinach Posole Eggs

Spinach Posole Scrambled Eggs

Organic Coconut Oil

Mushrooms, quartered

Dried Rosemary

Handful of Spinach

2 Tablespoons Jarred Salsa

3 Large Eggs

Shredded Swiss Cheese

Splash of Milk

Cracked Pepper

1 Can White Hominy, drained

Start by warming some coconut oil in a skillet over medium-low heat with the mushrooms, rosemary, and spinach. If you like, you can cover it for a few minutes, making sure the veggies cook evenly but don't burn.

While that is going, whisk together the salsa, eggs, cheese and cracked pepper. Splash a little milk or water in, this will make sure the eggs are light and fluffy.

Spread your veggies pretty evenly in the pan and pour in your hominy and then your eggs. Turn up the heat to about medium/medium-high and let the party get going. As the eggs begin to cook, take a spatula and flip them over in sections. This makes the eggs really fluffy and hearty. I personally love it this way. Or you can always whisk it around to get a "looser" texture of eggs.