Gin and Jam and Inspiration

So, sometimes I set really high goals and expectations for myself. And sometimes, I really think the only person that believes I can reach these expectations are me and my dog. It's okay. Such is life. *shoulder shrug*

It's such a crazy thing in my life that, when I do meet my expectations, I really thing it should be a National Broadcast Emergency. Radio beeps and all. NSA, if you're reading this, I'm a nice person. Don't tell Obama. Unless you both think it's delightful plan on subscribing .

A few months ago, I committed to cooking more and being more proactive and "fancy-free" in the culinary department and let me tell you, I did good. Until I didn't. This week, I have felt little inspiration to do anything but watch re-runs of "Once Upon A Time" on Netflix. And eat Twizzlers.

"These things do happen," said like Minnie Driver in Phantom of The Opera.

Either way, rambling aside, tomato, tow-mah-tow, tit for tat.....This is a drink recipe I love.

Back in November, I visited my besties in Dallas and we went to this restaurant in the Bishop Arts District called Bolsa. Such a cool place if you've never been. They're super trendy but not in the obnoxious way. Unless you're easily obnoxed.

They have this drink called Gin and Jam and it's made with whatever jam they have for that week. If you're a nerd like me, this will really get your engine good and revved.

Well, I wasn't there last time my friends went and like little monkey turds, they posted pictures of this delicious cocktail. This is my (delicious) attempt at this delicious drink.

Gin and Jam

Gin and Jam Cocktail

1 Heaping Spoon of Jam, your choice

1 Fluid Ounce Good Quality Gin, or more if you're brave

Tonic Water

Lime Wedge

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and top with gin and your jelly/jam. I used strawberry jelly that my aunt made from scratch in her kitchen because she's amazing and gave it to me and all my friends. Because she's amazing.

Give it a good shaking, like you're in a shake weight commercial and pour it into your fanciest glass. Top with Tonic and a squeeze of lime and go to town. Not literally. Don't drink and drive.