Strawberry Sage Prosecco

Let’s face it. It’s barely lunch time and I’m thinking about cocktails. Why? Because it’s Friday. And it’s not wrong. I’m not ashamed. I can only be me. There’s also this thing about life where I like wine. And sometimes on Fridays, I think about wine. And sometimes that wine is white and bubbly.

You can't be a hater all your life.

Let’s bring it back to cocktails. Are you also a lover of boring cocktails? Did you answer yes? Trick question. Never say yes to that. If you did, fix your life by this post. If you said no, continue reading.

Either way, continue reading.

Strawberry Sage Prosecco

Strawberry Sage Prosecco

1 Liter Prosecco, chilled

Fresh Strawberries

Fresh Sage Leaves

This is super simple. There is literally 2% work involved. However, if you serve this to someone, they will be so impressed with your powers of delicious.

You can also do this with your favorite champagne but, I really prefer Prosecco because it’s a little less sweet tasting. Personal pref.

Place cleaned sage in your wine glass and muddle slightly. This will open up the leaf so the delicious flavors can flow freely from their loins. Quarter the strawberries and put a few pieces in each glass.

Top with Prosecco.

Watch the world get a little prettier.