Creamy Artichoke and Potato Soup

Sometimes, people get sick in the middle of summer. It’s really unnatural and mean but it can happen. Just a fair warning, why? Because I care. I’m a caring individual who cares. Except when I don’t.

But I’m the one who is feeling sickly at the moment so for example, at this point in time, I do care.

I got this idea from my dear friend and BFF, Giada de Laurentiis. She’s crazy and we hang out totes all the time. #girlpower

She makes a Creamy Artichoke Soup and it is literally to die for. But don’t die for soup. Cause that would be sad and then people would have to buy really expensive flowers and you wouldn’t get to see them and put them on your breakfast table for a lovely Sunday Brunch. Instead, just make this soup and have someone bring you flowers. Deal?

Creamy Potato & Artichoke Soup
Creamy Potato & Artichoke Soup

Creamy Artichoke and Potato Soup

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Leeks, roughly chopped

3 Garlic Cloves, crushed and minced

2 Large Potatoes, peeled and cubed

1 Beer (Ex. Shiner or Sam Adams)

2 Cups Water

1 Can Medium/Large Artichoke Hearts, drained

8 oz. Mascarpone Cheese

Crumbled Bacon, optional


When I first made this, I didn’t know what I was in for. A huge wave of deliciousness in my face. Also, if you've never cooked with leeks....fear not! They're like a green onion but bigger and a little more flavorful. Just cut them down like the picture and then give them a good, rough chop. 

Start with by warming some olive oil with your leeks, some salt, pepper and garlic over medium heat in a stew pot (this will reduce your dishes to clean and we love that). Stirring frequently, add your cubed potatoes and cook for about 20 minutes. Add your beer (or chicken/vegetable stock, if you prefer), water and artichoke hearts and cover your pot. Let the juices get real friendly up in there, tenderizing the mess out of those taters.

You really want to let the pot simmer for at least about 45 minutes with all this tastiness because the next part will be a little tricky. But only if you’re scared. For no reason. Cause it’s not that tricky. Using an immersion blender, turn your soup creamy. When I first made this, I didn’t have an immersion blender so, I worked it through in small batches with my food processor. I’m sure a blender would work just fine, too. And it’s really not bad at all. Just remember, it's a little hot.

Return your creaminess to the pot and add about half of your container of mascarpone cheese to the soup. Stirring it through to make sure everyone gets a little of that sinfulness, don’t be stingy. Serve immediately with a tiny little dollop of mascarpone and bacon crumbled on top and let the nom-nom’s commence.

Creamy Potato and Artichoke Soup