Brown Sugar Grilled Salmon

A fire has been lit from underneath my rear. It’s a fire for cooking tasty things. Not any other kind of fire. Ya nasties. I got this idea from a list of grilling ideas published on Food Network. Naturally, I tweaked a bit.

Cause I tweak. It’s what I do. Kind of like twerking. But not.

This recipe is so easy because you wrap it up and grill it for 12 minutes. Boom. Done. Roasted. That’s like….as long as the theme song for Game of Thrones. So, turn Game of Thrones on and this is done by the time it actually starts! That’s my jam.


Brown Sugar Grilled Salmon

1 Sam Adams Boston Lager or Shiner Bock, for marinating

4 Fresh Salmon Portions

3 Fresh Limes, sliced

4 Sprigs of Dill

Brown Mustard

Dry Rub:

½ Cup Brown Sugar

Approximately 2 Tablespoons Coriander

Fresh Ground Salt/Pepper, to taste

When I tried this, I let my salmon chill out a bit in a bottle of Sam Adams in the refrigerator. I’ve heard rumors that this helps the meat (of whatever you’re cooking) not to burn but, I think it gives it a good, rich flavor. Totally optional. I let it hang out like that for about an hour.

Also, I tried this with Lemon as well as Lime and I liked the Lime better. Again, personal preference.

On 4 square sheets of foil, layer a few slices of lime (enough to cover your salmon) on top of your dill. This layer made it stick less to the salmon, in my experience. Gently lay your salmon on top and them start the fun stuff. Spread just enough mustard on the top to make your “rub” stick (that’s what she said) and then rub in your brown sugar mixture.

For some reason, I have a spices rack that came with coriander seeds. I think you can buy the powder. I just put some in my magic bullet mixer and crushed them up into a powder kind of. It’s such a good flavor though, so if you can find it and do it…do it!

Wrap these puppies up good and tight and throw them on your grill over medium/medium high heat. You need to flip them once so I actually started them with the brown sugar side facing down, it actually made less of a mess.

Cook them on that side for about 4-5 minutes and then flip them over, finishing out the process on the lime/dill side.

This takes about 12 minutes total but make sure and do the fork test on your salmon. If you stick a fork in and it kind of flakes apart, you’re ready to digest!

Such an easy and fun recipe for summer...enjoy!