Frozen Fruit Yogurt Tart

Frozen Fruit Yogurt Tart Every once in a while, you just need a little snack. Not a big one, just a little one. And sometimes, especially during summer, you need that snack to be frozen. And sometimes, Dairy Queen is like…more than a block away and your "Significant Other" refuses to turn off ESPN, get off the couch and go get you one.

Not personal experience or anything. Swear.

Either way, this dessert takes about 5 minutes to make and it is so delicious and easy.

Frozen Fruit Yogurt Tart

6 Miniature Graham Cracker Crusts

Peach Yogurt

Fresh Strawberries

Basil Garnish, optional

Spoon some yogurt into each miniature pie crust, about halfway full. I used strawberries because they were on sale. And girl, I love a sale. But you can use any fresh fruit that you like to garnish on top.

Freeze for at least an hour in advance and serve! You really don’t even have to thaw because the yogurt comes out pretty easy. But it is so refreshing and just enough sweet without being over indulgent. Perfect for summer!