Blueberry-Basil Gin and Tonic

Let me tell you something that will amplify your life. Don’t worry: I’m a licensed life-coach. Just kidding. I'm not.

But, if you like gin….this will pretty much fix all of your life problems.

I really think I just came up with this on accident. I saw a recipe for blueberry-lemon gin and tonic that I really wanted to try but I had about none of the required ingredients. Okay, maybe I had like 2 of the ingredients. But boredom gave birth to this and then it made it to my blog.

Blueberry-Basil Gin and Tonic

1 Shot Good Quality Gin (Hendricks, Tanqueray, etc.)

Fresh Basil, plus a few leaves for garnish

Frozen Blueberries

Tonic Water

Fresh Lemon Wedge

Add the fresh Basil and Frozen Blueberries to a cocktail shaker and muddle pretty well to bring out the flavors of both. Pour in your gin and a handful of ice and give it a really good shaking.

Strain your jolly gin mixture of joy over ice into a fancy ass glass of ice, top with Tonic and a hefty squeeze of a juicy lime wedge and watch the world go by just a little bit slower.