Chicken-Avocado Salad

In my family of two plus two adorable dogs, we really enjoy the lake. Year round but primarily during the summer. If the weather outside is sunny, warm and even somewhat pretty during the summer, chances are you could find us floating next to our boat in the lake with a beer. Or if you’re me, something less like beer and more like yum. Boating is fun.

However, being on a boat 50 minutes away from your kitchen presents certain culinary issues. One of these issues being: boredom. It’s really easy to pack a cooler but after a while, that cooler starts to look exactly the same and reaaaal boring. So, a friend showed me this recipe. I tweeked it a bit but it is so yummy, light, healthy and you won’t feel gross while eating it in a bathing suit. That is a whole lot of “yes,” in my book.

Chicken-Avocado Salad

2-3 Grilled Chicken Breasts, cubed

3-4 Roma Tomatoes, diced

2-3 Ripe Avocadoes

1 Package Cooked Bacon, crumbled

1 Large White or Purple Onion, diced

Fresh Basil Leaves

Garlic Powder, Fresh Cracked Black Pepper

Romaine Lettuce Leaves, rinsed thoroughly

Firstly, you want to grill up those chicken breasts. I would say use whatever marinade you like/are familiar with. However, if you’re desperate for something tasty and maybe a little new to you, use a healthy serving of Italian dressing and Cajun Seasoning. I just barely cover my chicken with Tony Chachere’s and it is my go-to marinade. However, if possible, let that chill out for ½-1 hour before grilling.

After your chicken is grilled up and cooled, dice right on it up! At the same time, dice up your tomatoes, onion, avocado, and your crispy, crumbly, yummily bacon.

Also, if you’re like me, this will make you really sad. But, to make your bacon a little healthier….place a couple layers of paper towel on a plate and microwave it to drain the fat. I love fat so, a part of my cries while this is happening but, I guess it’s healthier. *Eye Roll*

You could probably even use turkey bacon, just make sure you get it crispy enough to crumble!

Give a good healthy shake each of garlic, black pepper and your chopped basil over all of your ingredients (this is where you can feel healthy by not adding salt). Toss all of your deliciousness in a large bowl and serve immediately or chill it out in a cooler on your way to a lake. You can do this as a wrap with tortillas or munch on it with crackers but, if you’re feeling ultra-healthy, I like romaine lettuce wraps. Or any large leaf lettuce. I’ve served this to self-proclaimed “manly-men” and they even liked it as a lettuce wrap. So that should say something!

Happy eating!