Hello and thank you for the “click” into my blog!

My name is Remington and I pretend to be a really good cook. I also pretend to know a lot about cooking. Sometimes my food tastes sinful in the good way. Sometimes it tastes sinful in the bad way. Sometimes my food is really complex and fun to make. Sometimes my food is three ingredients and perfect for binging on some really trashy Netflix.

I started cooking really young. My family is not the stereotypical Italian (or anything fancy like that) where we gathered in the kitchen and ate pasta while belly laughing over gnocchi and Merlot. We weren’t that classy. We gathered in the kitchen to eat ribs with our hands and drink iced tea. Because we’re from the South. That’s what you do. #animals

A lot of my summers were spent making jam and jelly with my grandpa. He really inspired me to cook. He loved cooking for family and basically did everything himself. I honestly don’t think I ever saw a packet of “instant” anything in his pantry. Ever. He had a huge garden and made the most amazing pickles you’ve ever had in your life, every year. Even as a white man, he made ribs that would make you “slap your momma,” as he would say. And just like that crazy man, he never wrote any recipe down. So, here I am…..15 years later….still craving those damn ribs.

If there is one passion I have in life, it is definitely cooking and entertaining for my friends (I blame my Grandpa). There is nothing I love more than walking into the kitchen and completely losing myself in a fun recipe while my friends laugh and drink wine. Or juice. It’s totally therapeutic.

So, in conclusion: Join me on my blog! Try my recipes. Correct my mistakes. Contribute your ideas. Be a little bitchy. It’s a safe space.